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Shipping & The Pupppy Pack

this page will answer may questions that you probably have it will also answer some questions that you may of never thought about!!!

Puppy Pack (up close look)

There may be some questions in your head while reading about the contents of the puppy pack and here are some statements that may answer some of those questions!
Your puppy will have all of his/her health records and akc/ckc papers! this is an important part of the puppy pack but what will these medical records include and are the papers full registry or limited? First of all all registry papers are all full registry! Medical papers will include the puppies cheak up sheet (aka a clean bill of health), shot records, and deworming records! The puppy will also come with papers stating that he/she has been cheaked for intestional parisites (such as heart worms)
The Garentee: The one year health garentee has one purpose... to ensure you and your dane a healthy life! if a health emergency or death occurs before a year your puppy will be replaced with a new pup or you can recive a refund of your total purchase price!
One more thing you may want to know... will you recive a crate and puppy blanket even if the pup isnt shipped? YES this comes as a convienyent accessorie that will make the puppy feel at home in his/her new home until he/she out grows it!

Shipping Pick-Up Delivery And Meeting

I can ship shipping starts at $200.00 and goes up!
I can deliver its a $50.00 for 1-4 hours (i will drive up to 5-6 hours for $100.00)
I will meet half way $20.00 for 1-4 hours (i will drive up to 5-6 hours for $50.00)
You can also come to me for $0.00
everything is neggoshable so please tell me what you would like to do and we can talk 

Whats in the puppy kit??
(1) Medical / Registry Papers
(2) a leash /colar set
(3) a dane care booklet
(5) some food
(5) a crate and puppy blanket
(6) box of treats and a toy
(7) a 1 year health garentee

Feel Free To Ask Questions About Shipping Or The Puppy Pack

come back soon!